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Starting with Me

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The most important relationship we have is the

one with ourself

Self Perception Expert

What is Self Perception: What you think and feel about yourself

30 Day Self Perception Makeover: Teen Edition

By: Cathlene Miner

With Teen Co-author Taelor Mabry


The Self Perception Makeover TEEN Edition.

Once we truly realize that we are limitless our whole world opens up.

Do you feel like finding the bright side of situations is harder to find these days?



I know that’s a lot of pressure, and it’s because I myself am a mom of four.

Not to mention my past teenage drama.

But I am thankful for all of it.  It has led me to where I am today and I am

blessed to be able to guide and help Teens start now to create and manifest

their lives on Purpose, intentionally.  Showing Teens how to follow and align

with their true paths in this life that will lead to a life full of joy, happiness, and


Things do not always go great, I get it. But once those not so great things are gone through they can be used to inspire others, to help and guide others so they do not feel alone while going through tough times. A Healthy Self Perception allows a sense of confidence in guiding and helping others and most importantly yourself. . But first and foremost the confidence to know that you are worth it. The confidence to stand for what you believe in and be able to know what you believe in. The confidence to know that you have what it takes to live the life that you desire.  The confidence to surround yourself with good people and weed out the ones that do not align.

So much of the self-help world will give advice like: simply change your mindset, Say these mantras and the world around you will change, “Just do it, or others will think ‘fill in the blank’ of you...”





There is a place for that but it does not work on its own. 


As a teen you are faced every day with unlimited peer pressure, social media filters, friends, school, work, sports, chores… The list goes on.

This is why I teamed up with Teen co-author Taelor Mabry and 9 other Teens that opened up about what Teens are facing this day and age in their lives.

What their struggles are and how social media affects so much of their day-to-day lives. And how to gain a Healthy Self Perception in spite of it all,


Teen years can leave some to feel left out, alone,  unconfident, and like there is no hope for a good future. Actually that can happen at any age. Maybe you crave attention and acceptance from others to feel good about yourself. Maybe you feel down a lot.

It’s not your fault...

  You see, when we are born we haven’t yet been affected by the opinions of the outside world. As we grow up and start to do things on our own it seems everyone tells what we are doing wrong in their eyes.  You may be are hearing so much conflicting advice from peers and it can get more confusing than ever...

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Here’s some of what you will discover…



  • The most important thing that is dictating everything in your life… (And they have complete control over it)

  • The Piece of Gold that will allow you to get out of a funk with the snap of a finger.  (This can be used in ANY area of their lives at any time)  

  • You will overcome body image issues 

  • You will begin to take inspired action on what they know is right

  • You will trust their Intuition 100%

  • You will Gain Self Confidence and Self Esteem

  • You will Excel in all areas of your life

  • ​Techniques hundreds of Teens and Women have used to see amazing shifts.

  • You will begin to create (manifest)  the life they desire


This process is one that can be repeated whenever needed. After the

30 Days so much will begin to change for the better.

New routines and patterns will be a part of your life.

You will be inspiring others even more than you already are.

Experience and Research

30 years of experience and research went into this 30 Day Self Perception



Why this journey is one you have never seen before

One of the many great things about being guided through a process like this one is that it works.  The way this 30 Day Self Perception Makeover Teen Edition is set up is so that the Teen can make this entire journey uniquely their very own.


Here's What A Few Of Our Teens Parents and Grandparents Are Saying:

This book made such a huge impact on my life.  Once I started working on my Self Perception I realized that so many of the negative things I thought about myself were what other people had said and there was no truth to it. -Jennifer, 15


I bought this for my Teen Granddaughter. After Day 5 she called me so excited because she met some amazing new friends that she was really aligned with. She said Grandma, “You did this for me”. -Carol / Anne’s Grandma


This book came into my life at the perfect time. Before I was so obsessed with finding happiness on the outside, neglecting the inside. After going through the 30 days, I learned so much about myself and was amazed by the change I saw and truly felt in the mirror. If you’re ready to find your happiness in yourself and truly begin to love yourself then this is a must-read. 

M. Fisher, 15


I can not wait for my daughter to start on this journey!  -Samantha, Carry’s Mom


Amazing! Any person struggling with self-confidence, comparing themselves to others, or dealing with insecurities needs this book. It provides a new outlook on life and achieving goals that could benefit anyone! The book provides simple and free ways to change the way you see your goals, yourself, and your life, which in turn change the way everyone around you sees you!- Emercyn 17


 Click here to Purchase! 


The time is now...

Why wait on giving your Teen the Proven Techniques to A Healthy Self Perception that

will give them the tools to have the healthiest relationship that they can with themselves. 

Meet the Authors

CMiner 3.jpg

Cathlene Miner

Cathlene is an entrepreneur,  homeschool mom, wife, mother of four and grandmother (Sea) to two amazing granddaughters and a love of anything that brings a smile and joy, as a self-professed, glass half full kinda girl.


Cathlene is the founder and President of Hopefull Handbags, Inc. a Global, 501c3 Nonprofit that gives HOPE to women that have been through Domestic Violence and other detrimental situations.


She is the Founder of Manifesting Magic in your everyday life ®️, On-Air LIVE Radio Host, International Speaker, Author of The 30 Day Self Perception Makeover®️, The 30 Day Self Perception Makeover Teen Edition®️, Manifesting Your life on Purpose Basics, #1 Bestselling Author in Mumpreneur on Fire 3 and Pivotal Moments, Voices of Hope.


 Cathlene saw the amazing shifts that took place in her life that came after working on her Self Perception and those of her clients.

Cathlene has had many intuitive gifts since she was a young child.  After a pivotal lightbulb moment in adulthood she went on to manifest with intention the life she had always dreamed of and has a passion to give hope to others to achieve their dreams and it all starts with a Healthy Self Perception. Cathlene uses her 30 years of experience in mentoring from the inside out as a fitness mentor and trainer, self-perception, and manifesting expert and shares her experiences by guiding people to trust their intuition and truly pay attention to what they love and feel about themselves, knowing that this is the key to making decisions that FEEL right in their soul.


Taelor Maybry

Originally from California, this talented 17 year s old when co-authoring this book, now resides in sunny Florida. She enjoys an active social life and loves spending as much time with her family as possible. While writing this book, she began a huge transformation for herself and asked her friends to also get involved, read the book, and weigh in. Many of the quotes you see throughout the book were written by her friends for the teen readers.

In high school, Taelor participates in a variety of extracurricular activities and sports. In this book, she thanks her English teacher, Mr. Rick Ryan, and her friends and family for their inspiration. She has an infectious love for life and has a great amount of passion for bettering the lives of others. 

Taelor is now in college and has started her old bathing suit business called Chaos the Company.

"Going through this book, I want you to find things that appeal to you and make you feel good. Use them as tools to get through these obstacles and grow and thrive to become the most beautiful and strong you. Because, when I started high school and walked in on that very first day, I was not half as confident as I am now; in my body and everything else that made me. I have grown so much with the help of my family and my best friends and I have so much to thank for that."

- Taelor Maybry

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