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Cover Reveal 

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The Book for Teens that is absolutely motivational and outstanding.

Cover Reveal

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T E E N   E D I T I O N 

This book made such a huge impact on my life.  Once I started working on my Self Perception I realized that so many of the negative things I thought about myself were what other people had said and there was no truth to it. -Jennifer, 15


Amazing! Any person struggling with self-confidence, comparing themselves to others, or dealing with insecurities needs this book. It provides a new outlook on life and achieving goals that could benefit anyone! The book provides simple and free ways to change the way you see your goals, yourself, and your life, which in turn change the way everyone around you sees you!- Emercyn, 17


The 30 Day Self Perception Makeover is perfect for anyone looking to improve themselves and creating a healthier self-perception. This book is so flexible to anyone’s lifestyle and personality. Following along with this book only takes a few minutes out of each day and offers great results. Join the journey of creating a new and improved you! - Marissa, 17

This book came into my life at the perfect time. Before I was so obsessed with finding happiness on the outside, neglecting the inside. After going through the 30 days, I learned so much about myself and was amazed by the change I saw and truly felt in the mirror. If you’re ready to find your happiness in yourself and truly begin to love yourself then this is a must read. 

M. Fisher, 15

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