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Cathlene Miner

Author - Entrepreneur-Public Speaker - On-Air Personality - Lifestyle Mentor - Nonprofit Founder - Manifesting Magic in Your Everyday LifeTM  Creator

Cathlene has had many intuitive gifts since she was a young child.  After a pivotal lightbulb moment in adulthood in which she realized she had manifested both the ups and downs in her life, she learned a powerful lesson. We can create (manifest) our lives on purpose.


Cathlene went on to manifest with intention the life she had always dreamed of and now guides others in gaining the crucial clarity required to find and then follow their passions and desires. It's all inside and you have what it takes.


She shows you how to navigate through the natural ups and downs of life so that when you are at a down point, you use it to your advantage.  Listen to your intuition and head toward the path that is your desired life; the one that lights you up. 


You can manifest the life of your dreams. Cathlene uses her intuition and 27 years of experience as a self perception, manifesting, and fitness expert to teach others how to 100% trust their intuition and truly love themselves and know who they are knowing that this is the key to making decisions that FEEL right in their soul, to harness the ability to manifest amazing opportunities both personal and business and live a joy-filled life of freedom and abundance that previously felt impossible.


Cathlene was once a single mom of 2 working full time and side jobs, a married mom of 2, a married stay at home mom of 4 and knows that life brings happy and stressful times. The truth is sometimes we are not tapped into our intuition at all and eradicating this disconnection is the root of her work.

The truth is sometimes we get into a funk and it’s really hard to get out. Sometimes it can last for a really long time.

These types of things will happen throughout your life, but the secret is to know how to raise your vibration.  You must learn how to begin Manifesting on Purpose again.  Cathlene teaches people how to use those down times as a launching pad for them to move it up to the next level in your life.


As a mother of four and grandmother to two, Cathlene knows the importance of ensuring that each area of life flows freely enough so that high vibrational energy is radiating from the inside out.  Cathlene knows that from her own experience and those of her clients that is important to realize that there will be down times.  Using those downtimes to your advantage and growth is what will get you on the path to your desired life.

By following your intuition it also radiates out to those around us bringing in the people and opportunities that are aligned with where we desire to go. It also opens the flow for our goals and dreams to come our way.


Cathlene is an entrepreneur at heart that is soulfilled by helping others, she is the Founder and President of Hopefull Handbags, Inc and enjoys spreading hope to women getting back on their feet again after abuse and downtimes. 


Manifest your desired life on purpose, because you can.




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