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Cathlene Miner

Author - Entrepreneur-Public Speaker - On-Air Personality - Lifestyle Mentor - Nonprofit Founder - Manifesting Magic in Your Everyday LifeTM  Creator

Cathlene is a mother of four, a dedicated wife, and an adoring grandmother (fondly known as Sea) to three wonderful granddaughters. Beyond her family life, she is a woman of many talents and aspirations. As a women in tech entrepreneur and founder of a non-profit organization, Cathlene has embraced new and exciting directions since turning 50. She's passionately committed and has developed a platform where individuals can monetize their varied passions and expertise. Women in tech is now a part of her life. Her journey is also marked by her tireless efforts in the non-profit sector, reflecting her deep-seated desire to make a positive impact. Known for her 'glass half full' outlook, Cathlene's life is a tapestry of joyful endeavors and inspirational ventures, all fueled by her love for bringing smiles and happiness to those around her.

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