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"Never Underestimate the Power of Hope"


Hey! I am Cathlene, thank you for being here!!

I am first a foremost a mom. I am an entrepreneur,  Hopefull Handbags, Inc Non-Profit Founder and president, homeschool mom, wife, mother of four and grandmother (Sea) to two amazing granddaughters and I have a love of anything that brings a smile and joy, as a self-professed, glass half full kinda girl.

I realized I had many intuitive gifts when I was a young child.  My mom has some great stories about this too.

I was pregnant at a young age and began my life as a mom. What a blessing he is. After being married with two children and divorced I had a pivotal lightbulb moment,  I realized I had manifested both the ups and downs in my life, I learned a powerful lesson.

I went on to manifest with intention the life I have always dreamed of. Are there downtimes too?  Of course, this is life and we are human. But, I believe that we can create, manifest, our lives on purpose.  And I do...

I have a passion to give hope to others to achieve their dreams.  I believe that our self Preception is the base of everything in our lives.  It dictates the chances we take, the choices we make, the relationships both personal and professional that we stay in and the ones we leave because we know we are meant for more.

I use my 28 years of experience in coaching from the inside out as a fitness coach and trainer, self-perception and manifesting expert and I love to shares my experiences by guiding people to trust their intuition and not only realize their limitlessness but obtain their version of success, whatever that is for them. Life throws curveballs but we have what it takes to live a happy and fulfilled life. 


I am the Founder of Manifesting Magic in your everyday life ®️, On-Air LIVE Podcast Radio Host, International Speaker, Author of The 30 Day Self Perception Makeover®️, The 30 Day Self Perception Makeover Teen Edition®️, Manifesting Your life on Purpose Basics, #1 Bestselling Author in Mumpreneur on Fire 3.



“Never Underestimate the Power of Hope”


Hopefull Handbags, Inc. a Global, 501c3 Nonprofit that gives HOPE to women that have been through Domestic Violence and other detrimental situations. Hopefull Handbags, Inc. believes in collaboration over competition. That is why all HH events provide a fun, interactive setting for women to engage with their community.

Hopefull Handbags focuses on providing the knowledge, tools, and community to give Hope, Help, and Support for you to feel empowered to create a positive change in your life which affects everything and everyone around you.



Manifest your desired life on purpose, because you can.




Listen to the Podcast Radio Show and read Manifesting Magic in your everyday life.  Take what stands out to you and begin implementing these practices in your everyday life.  You will see the flow of your desires begin to head your way.

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