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Cathlene Miner

I simply just got tired of feeling stuck and
knew it was
time to move


and you have control of it.

Self Perception is the base of

everything in your life and I have

the system to change yours. 

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Your Self Perception is the base of everything in your life... Your Self Perception Dictates the CHANCES YOU TAKE... The CHOICES YOU MAKE... and the RELATIONSHIPS YOU STAY IN and the ONES YOU LEAVE, Personally and Professionally...


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 YOU can do it in 30 Days
V Shape
V Shape
V Shape

Before any success you must have a routine.


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Cathlene has been in the Women's Fitness Industry and Self Defense Advocate for over 30 Years. 

Ready to become a Women's Self-Defense Instructor. Get certified with Strike Back Self Defense for Women in collaboration with Cathlene and Hopefull Handbags Global Non-Profit

Cathlene, a former stay-at-home mom for two decades, discovered the power of self-perception in shaping life's journey. She leverages this insight as a driving force behind her advocacy for online child safety and her founding of two tech startups. However, her true passion lies in empowering women through her extensive experience in personal training, where she instills confidence and strength. Additionally, Cathlene is a dedicated advocate for women's self-defense, working tirelessly to equip women with the skills to protect themselves. Through her nonprofit, Hopefull Handbags Global, Inc., and her innovative ZZatem App platform, she spreads hope and empowerment worldwide. Cathlene's unwavering commitment makes her a beacon of strength and resilience for women everywhere.

Mom. Grandmother. Entrepreneur Women in Tech. Hopefull Handbags Global Non-Profit Founder

I started in the tech world after finding out what our children are really being exposed to on smartphones. 
Kids do not need Privacy.
They need our Protection. 

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Take Care of You

at the age of 52,  I can say that a routine has made ALL of the difference in every aspect of my life. 


Momming it

Being mom has been the greatest gift and at times the biggest challenge.



ME, being my bigggest fan has has made a SOLID Foundation for a life of successes and bounce backs to happen.

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