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Cathlene Miner

I simply just got tired of feeling stuck and
knew it was
time to move

Your Self Perception is the foundation

of everything that happens in your life. 

Put that together with a consistent

healthy routine and you've got an

A+ all around.

and you have control of it.

Mom. Grandmother.


Hopefull Handbags Global Non-Profit Founder

Your Self Perception is the base of everything in your life... Your Self Perception Dictates the CHANCES YOU TAKE... The CHOICES YOU MAKE... and the RELATIONSHIPS YOU STAY IN and the ONES YOU LEAVE, Personally and Professionally...


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 YOU can do it in 30 Days
V Shape
V Shape
V Shape

Before any fitness routine this a
must and your foundation.


Cathlene has spent over 3 decades motivating, mentoring, guiding, and inspiring millions of people worldwide including young adults and teens.

She has also been fondly called the "Loving Push" the inspiration people needed and the Queen of Fitness.

She takes practical solution-based approaches to everything in life and business because this is life and can be unpredictable. But unpredictability can be used to your advantage and from experience, she has the strategies to show you how.

While she is open-minded and inspirational she tells it like it is.

Cathlene is a wife, mother of 4, and grandmother to 3.  Life is busy... But as she says "oh so fun...!"


Best-selling author, Founder of Hopefull Handbags Global Non-Profit, she knows that the base of everything in our lives starts with our very own self-perception and confidence. 

 If you are ready for a positive change in your life now is the time.

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Take Care of You

at the age of 51 I can say that a routine has made ALL of the difference in every aspect of my life. 


Momming it

Being mom has been the greatest gift and at times the biggest challenge.



ME, being my bigggest fan has has made a SOLID Foundation for a life of successes and bounce backs to happen.

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