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I’d like to say a big massive Thank You to Cathlene and the 30 Day Self Perception Makeover. 

I have started to journal daily and I am even getting up a little earlier to make time for it. I’ve also started to make time to meditate to try to bring calm to my hectic life. 

I have noticed a difference. 

This morning I journaled. I got excited about my vision for the future. I took the kids to school and, as I’m aching from the last 2 days of workouts I decided today I would do what I’ve been intending to do for a long time, I took time to stretch. 

A few weeks ago I felt myself sinking into a funk and spiraling down and this morning I could feel my limiting beliefs rising. Both times I have taken action and the funk has subsided. 

So THANK YOU for your guidance Cathlene. 

I’m SO excited for the future! - Sue

Cathlene was my perwsonal trainer for 3 years. I never felt better and my whole life shifted for the better. I was energized from he inside out.  After her Self Defense Training, I feel so empowered.

- Cara

What I loved about the 30 Day Self Perception Makeover is that I was able to tweak my journaling and meditation practice and was able to create more powerful affirmations for myself.

Some blocks I didn't even realize I had surfaced and after a week I was already able to begin seeing differences and subtle changes in my life.

  I didn't really think someone could offer tangible guidance in a book that would change my WHOLE life but that's exactly what she did. Thank you, Cathlene 30 DSPM- Brittany

I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel right now thank you a million times Cathlene Miner you have taught me something so valuable I will practice the rest of my life.


Tonight my request was answered by the universe. It happened out of nowhere and hit me so quickly that my head kind of hurts because i am so thrilled and astonished I have the power to control MY life.

Growing up without control of my surroundings really made me grow up very quickly. I am not bound I am soaring and nothing will stop the love and happiness I have in my heart.

I know that I am in control of myself and I love myself. THANK YOU for inspiring me. - Karry

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to you Cathlene and The 30 Day Self Perception Makeover.

This book gave me the nudge to take the next step in my business and finally do a LIVE, finally prioritizing myself and my beautiful business.

Along with feeling great about myself, my jewelry business has come on leaps and bounds.

Before completing the book I was lacking in confidence and letting my own limiting beliefs affect me massively.

I can't believe how quickly it helped me gain clarity and really made me dig deep realizing what it is that I really want and what steps I should take to get me there. - Zoe

When I picked up The 30 Day Self Perception Makeover it was like reconnecting with an old friend. Cathlene's story was so relatable to me.


We are ALL connected. For example, some pray to God, and some to the Universe. As long as we understand that and have good intentions that is what really counts. Working on ourselves from the inside will radiate on the outside.

Also, the need for consistency in our self-growth actions is key. The Self Perception Makeover did that for me.

Our subconscious mind is merely old programming. We DESERVE our heart's desires.

This book was a genuine experience with pieces of the "puzzle" brought to the surface.

As I continue on my journey of self-growth I will always refer back and re due the 30 Day Self Perception Makeover every 6 months at least.

Follow your heart, belief in yourself and the income will follow was something you reminded me of, Cathlene.

Do what makes your heart sing. Cathlene, it is a pleasure to see how you continue to impact lives. You are a true blessing and have a passion for helping women thrive in their gifted purpose. Thank you for your AMAZING love and radiant energy. ❤ - Emma

Where do I start?   If it wasn't for Cathlene I would not be where I am today.  My life and my children's lives are headed in such a great direction. I feel confident and know that I have what it takes inside of me to make my life what I want it to be for myself and my children.  Thank you, Cathlene! -Mimi

After my first day of The 30 Day Self Perception Makeover, I found myself focusing on where I have been, where I am now, and where I am headed.

I started to feel hopeful about the future.  The process was pleasurable and even though it is sometimes hard to focus on myself, it was all worth it.  

My life is finally headed in a direction I feel really great about. - Michelle

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