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The Book for Teens that is absolutely full of inspiration and teaches techniques to be used for a lifetime.

How often have we wished we could change ourselves? Wishing it was as easy as a quick filter change with the swipe of our fingers. Through the years we allow others to dictate how we feel about ourselves and then we believe it. Unfortunately it is the negative things that usually stick with us as we get older.

Go deeper into who you truly are. Past all of the comments and likes. Get yourself onto the path that you know is the right path for you. The path that leads to fulfillment and abundance in every way.

It all starts with your Self Perception. Your Self Perception dictates the chances you take, the choices you make, the relationships you stay in and the relationships you leave because you know you are worth more. Teaching you that you deserve everything you desire in life. You already shine like there is #nofilter needed. The real beauty IS what is staring back at you in the mirror and through this book you will go on a journey that will lead you to you. You will work on the most important relationship that you have and that is one with yourself. You will see that what you think and feel about you means everything.

Through this journey, you will learn to recognize your intuition and listen to it 100% of the time. Your intuition is your gift, your guiding light. We all have it, but most ignore it and wonder why things didn’t turn out as they desired them to. Trust in yourself. Trust that even in unfavorable circumstances, the outcome will be better than you could of ever imagined. If you know the strength you have within.

You will come out of this journey living your life purposefully, knowing that you have everything you need to create your success. Your idea of success is unique to you, unique to YOUR path in this life. Let’s dive into your path and begin to create your life with all the dreams and desires that are already hardwired in that beautiful body, brain, and soul of yours.

The Self Perception Makeover Teen Edition

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