Your Intuition and Your Ego

Updated: May 6, 2021

Let's get right to it...

Your Intuitive Self has been with you since you came into this life. It is one with your intuition and knows what truly is "right" for you. Your unique path in this life. It is the part of you that makes calm decisions. It's that little voice in your head that you sometimes ignore. Your Intuitive Self usually has a quick flash of an answer. If you choose a different path, you may feel a nagging sensation from inside. Have you ever heard the saying "go with your gut"? Going with your intuition, "Intuitive Self" is the same thing.

If you miss it or don't follow it, is it a bad thing?

No, not always. Learning how to hone into your intuition (that "gut" feeling) is a process. When we do not follow our intuition, we then look back and think, "I should have gone with my gut or my intuition". Remember what that was and think about what you just learned about yourself or a certain situation. Try to not repeat it.

Your Intuitive Self knows what you are you really feeling.

Now let's touch on your "Ego Self"

Your Ego Self came into the picture as you got older. It is a culmination of all of the outside influences that have been absorbed in by your subconscious mind. The outside world that said things like, "you can't do that". "Aren't you embarrassed?" "You're not smart enough." etc...

Your ego Self will give you the feeling that you are not enough or that feeling that you are trying to be better than something or someone else. Trying to "impress," or not disappoint. It will feel like there is a rush or if you do not do this right now you will "miss" out.

When you feel these things think twice before making your move.

Your ego Self is also the part of you that will hold a grudge.