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An Abundance Mindset...

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Living with an abundance mindset means adopting the philosophy that what you believe is what you will receive.

Let's look at it in terms of, "The car of your dreams." If I set my mind on a car that I love, "My dream car," I start to see it everywhere. Instead of looking at it and thinking, "Why does everybody have this incredible car except for me?" You should think, "Wow! These are signs everywhere!" What that tells me is that my dream car is on its way into my life because I keep seeing it. It has been brought here for me to see and it is on its way to me. This is a positive manifestation. I am creating it and things are going to fall into place so that I can have and own that dream car. Keep that in mind.

This can apply to relationships too! If you think everybody has somebody and you are feeling like you don’t, you are feeling lonely or like you are missing something, how should you process this?

Firstly appreciate the fact that you are surrounded by people who have significant others or a partner that they really care about. If that’s what you are looking for and you are surrounded by people in good, healthy relationships that is a sign there is something on the way for you. You simply need to look for the signs and recognize the opportunities.

I promise, you will be amazed...



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