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Channeling an Abundance Mindset

Updated: May 6, 2021

Look for the signs...

Let’s talk about signs. There are positive signs and indicators around us at every moment of our lives. Sometimes we are just not paying enough attention to notice them or we aren’t giving them the recognition they deserve.

I talk a lot about journaling and being able to create and manifest the life that you want. When you get into the steps to manifestation, I can guarantee that you start seeing signs. You need to pay attention to those signs! These signs are very important to the success of you creating the life that you desire. How you interpret these signs is also key in channeling an abundance mindset.

It’s all about the energies that we put out there. When you see the signs and you celebrate them, you are then automatically raising your energy vibrations towards the exact opportunities, circumstances, or desires that you are in the process of manifesting into your life. We each have high, middle, and low vibes. When you operate on high vibes, that’s when things start coming your way. It’s amazing! You’ll feel it, you’ll know that something is shifting and something is changing.

But first, you must look for the signs.

Signs to celebrate

When you are beginning to manifest and create you will receive signs that could be considered both positive or negative. Of course, we want to focus on the positive signs, but negative signals can come in for a few reasons. Maybe you are not putting out enough positive energies and really visualizing and feeling your goals. Alternatively, it could also be a quick way for the Universe to say No and channel you in another direction.

For instance, a sign could be that you are trying to manifest money, but you have more bills coming in. This could be considered negative, but it depends on your mindset. Start by appreciating that you have money to pay those bills and put out the good energies around that. Appreciate that you can pay this bill or that you are manifesting money to be able to pay the bills and help others.

Sometimes you have to really train yourself to find the positive signs, but once you find them celebrate each and every one of these small signs that you receive. When things happen don’t just think it’s a coincidence, know that it’s a sign. Those small signs are going to totally elevate what you are creating and manifesting into your life.

So just celebrate your signs. Go big on the positive ones, even if they are little. Once they are celebrated you are up here on this higher level and that’s when you will start seeing the good things that you are manifesting and creating in your life come your way.

I promise you will be amazed.....

xoxo - Cathlene

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