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Channeling an abundance mindset (pt 2)

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Appreciate more...

When you start to become aware of the signs, it’s time to appreciate them. Let me give you an example of how this works. Let’s say you find a penny on the ground and you think, "Oh a penny, what can I buy with a penny?... Nothing." This is not the right mindset to get you onto a high vibration. If you are trying to manifest money for example, when you find a penny, you have to appreciate that penny. That penny is a sign! It’s your sign! So instead of thinking this penny is worth nothing to me, you should be

thinking there is money right in front of me, this is a sign that there must be so much more on its way, and how amazing that it's now starting to come into my life.

Another example could be that you see somebody that wins the lottery and you think, "That is never

me, I never have that luck!" This is not the right appreciation for this sign. Instead of feeling down on

your luck, start feeling appreciative of that person who has won. You saw that this person won the

lottery and that is a sign that abundance is on its way into your life. One person's money gain does not

mean another person money is loss. There are opportunities for many winners in life, with the right mindset.

This may sound silly, but it works. It may be a small thing, but it’s a sign. Discounted emails. You see

an email that comes in, offering a discount on something. What do you do? Appreciate that

discount, no matter how small. Recognize it as abundance coming your way. See how different you

feel as you start to appreciate the signs all around you.

Gratitude is the new attitude

Another great way of handling the signs is with gratitude. Being grateful creates a mindset shift and opens us up to new opportunities. It's hard to feel negative when you are busy being grateful!

Write down the things you are grateful for every day. Focus on what you have, rather than what you have not. If you want to feel rich in life, just count the things you have, that money can’t buy.The same principle stands when you receive things from others. Let’s say somebody gives you a fruit cake. You hate fruit cake, you can’t stand it and you definitely won’t eat it. However, you should be appreciative of this fruit cake because it’s a sign that abundance is coming into your life. You can gift that cake to somebody else, you can pass on the love. Try not to think, feel, or say, "I don’t like fruit cake." Just be gracious and grateful for what you have received. Look at it as abundance. Things are coming your way. It may not be what you are trying to manifest, but be grateful for it. I promise you will start noticing a difference.

I promise you will be amazed....

xoxo Cathlene

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