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Why do we put ourselves down when we raise others up?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

I saw a video that I really loved and it got the point across perfectly on how our perception of ourselves is not usually true.

In the video, three people were put in a room for a couple hours to chat and get to know each other. Then they were all brought into a room, one by one with an artist behind a two way mirror so that neither could see each other.

The artist asked each person to individually describe how they would describe themselves so he could draw them. After the artist drew each of the individuals the artist had each of the other people that had recently met them in the room to come in and describe each other.

He then drew a portrait with those descriptions....

When the artist displayed, the two finished drawn pictures of everyone, it was shocking. The drawings based on what people said about themselves were not as kind as the gorgeous drawings made when people described each other.

Someone saw herself with droopy eyes, but another saw her eyes as kind and approachable.

This video is a great representation of how we are our own worst critic.

Why do we put ourselves down when we raise others up?

This can be true in our business too.

Why do we look at what others are doing and FEEL that what we are doing isn't good enough?

We are all unique and while learning tips and tricks from others is beneficial if we FEEL passionate about what we are doing then stay on that path!

That's the right path for you!


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