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Self Perception vs. Self Love

Selfperception is what you think and FEEL about yourself on a core level. When you think of yourself, do you feel like "I ROCK!" Or do you FEEL like, “I have a lot of improvements to make?”

This differs from Self Love because Self Love is more about taking the time for yourself. Maybe pamper yourself. Treat yourself. Spend time on YOU. Yes, that is extremely crucial too. However, depending on the Self Perception you have about yourself this will dictate automatically how you are radiating your energy on a daily basis.

What will happen if you don’t work on your Self Perception?

  • Well, you will still be STUCK.

  • You will still be holding yourself back.

  • You will still be wondering why life isn’t going your way.

So, it’s time...Time to create your life on your terms!

"Start by working on how YOU perceive YOU"

When you do this, you will begin to:

✨FEEL happier.

✨have more drive and motivation.

✨increase your high self worth.

✨believe you can achieve anything because you know you can.

✨forgive yourself.

✨ no longer rethink EVERYTHING!

✨no longer compare yourself.

Start on a healthy Self Perception Here...

Start by asking yourself this very simple but thought-provoking question...

What do you think and feel about you?

Answer honestly...

This is the very beginning on insight on how you are radiating out your Self Perception everyday into your everyday life.Your Self Perception dictates the chances you take, the choices you make, the relationships you stay in and the ones you leave because you know you are worth more.

Do you see how this affects EVERYTHING?

Start now by asking the question above and then compliment yourself in the mirror on one thing about you. Compliment that one thing every day for 2 weeks every morning and as many times a day as you can.

You are on your way...

30 Day Self Perception Makeover is available to dig deeper and get your Healthy Self Perception. See huge shifts right before your eyes!

❤ Cathlene Miner

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