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Nobody ever asked a homeschooling stay at home Parent what they really do all day long ever again...

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

I just had to take a spin-off of some of the posts that I’ve been seeing about stay at home moms.

Yes, I am an entrepreneurial homeschooling mom.

I hope everyone enjoys having their children at home as much as I do! At this point, many countries are getting a glimpse into the world of a life that I and many of my friends lead, as far as the stay at home, homeschooling thing goes.

I have been homeschooling my two younger children for 10 years, they are now 14 and 16.

They are in 10th grade in high school and taking three college classes.

Now, I’m not comparing working moms to stay at home moms or homeschooling vs. traditional schooling. That is for another post. I also know that being a full-time working mom isn't easy. Absolutely not! I did for many years too. Homeschooling is not for everyone either but for our family, it works.

There was a time when I was a single mom of two children working a full-time job as a supervisor in an academic medical clinic and two part-time jobs to make ends meet. My older children went to a traditional school. So I have something to compare it to as well. Everyone has their own reasons for the academic route their children take. As did I. Those of you that follow me know my story so I won’t go into that right now.

But I will tell you once I had our two younger children I became a married stay at home mom with four children for many years.

I called my stay at home mom friends soon after to apologize.

I always thought stay at home moms had it so easy. They didn’t have to wake up at any certain time, they could drop the kids off at school in their pajamas, etc. etc.! There is 14 years between my oldest and my youngest...I have seen both sides of the coin.

I’ll tell you it was a huge shock when I became a stay at home mom and then added homeschool mom.

Not because of the work it takes.... but the emotions it took. You care about your children more than anyone in the world so their emotions affect you differently than being at work.

You know when you’re at work and somebody is annoying? You usually don’t care for what they are doing or saying because you can take care of it or blow it off? ... Not many emotions involved.

But yhen you are at home, there are so many feelings and emotions involved.

There is the asking of questions over and over can't ignore them.

They are doing something that you know is wrong and you have to correct them... you can't ignore them.

Someone is upset because something is not fair and you have to teach life lessons... you can't ignore them

Annnnd, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, the kitchen is pretty much open aaallll day.

But what great life lessons are learnt!!

My oldest was learning how to drive when my youngest was learning how to walk. I was definitely changing my tone and how I approached certain situations every single day minute by minute.

"What are you doing?!!!”

Some days, in the first few years of homeschooling I did ask myself:

"What are you doing?”

“Is this for me?”

"Is this for us?"

Not every day was perfect. But those imperfect days we all learned a lot about each other and how to deal with certain situations (there is no such thing as cookie-cutter perfect).

I had days of feeling like I was alone with not much adult interaction, especially when the kids were younger. But over the years they grew up and are very self-sufficient. That is another thing I learned from the older kids. Time passes quickly so I want to cherish every moment.

They know I am there whenever they need me and I am able to follow my passions and dreams too.

Being with my favorite people in the world allowed me to see things from a different perspective.

It allowed me to find the difference between what really lit me up and what was really just surface happiness.

Take time to really watch your children’s reactions to things.

Even if you are doing this "Homeschool Parent," thing temporarily, take time to really watch your children’s reactions to surroundings, topics and all things. Really ask the questions when something frustrates them. Watch their movements. Really pay attention to what lights them up. They are also around the most important people in their lives even if they don’t see it that way right now.You will learn some things you did not know about your children and they will learn so much about you.You will see some amazing things shining through that you may not have ever seen.

Yes, My kids are social...

The first question a homeschool parent gets. This one really makes me laugh. Yes, my kids are social and you will see how this works too.

I love my life as a stay at home entrepreneurial, homeschooling mom.

I was able to create a successful business, podcast, write books and found a nonprofit that is very close to my heart and is spreading HOPE globally called Hopefull Handbags, Inc 501(c)(3). I love to help in the community and the world . My children do as well, it is a part of our lives! With our flexible schedule, we can do that. We can also travel (maybe not until this pandemic is over) and tailor our schedule to our lives.

So as I said, I hope everyone enjoys having their children at home as much as I do.

Use this time to really pay attention to you too.

Listen to your intuition. What are the feelings you are feeling? The ones that feel good, take note…What are you doing when you feel that way? The ones that feel not so good…Take note of those too. It will lead you to the deep happiness and joy that we were all put in this life to experience! And your children will see your happiness too! It will have a ripple effect.

Cherish every moment!

❤️ Cathlene

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