Manifesting Your Future

What comes to mind when you think about the future?

Are you hopeful?

Are you optimistic?

Does it make you excited?

Or do you feel monotonous in your daily routine and wonder if it will always be mediocre?

If it is the last question, that's ok, many of my clients come from this place:

"I guess where I am now is all there is for me." (In my previous blog "Abundance Mindset" you will realise that this is a very low energy frequency)

Think about your future for a minute... Yes, literally a minute.

How does it look?

If it looks exciting, fulfilled, hopeful, you've got it! You are headed that way! But if it looks kind of dreadful. Be careful because you're headed that way too. The exciting thing is that you can change it!

No matter what you chose above, take a moment right now and visualize how you truly desire your future. See it... play it out in your mind...really feel as if you are already there (take a minute out of your day every day it's literally only a minute and do this)

You are now meeting the universe halfway. You will begin to see things fall into place.. small shifts (sometimes even HUGE ones!)

You will be prompted to tak