Manifesting Basics - Creating the Life You Desire

Thoughts become feelings and feelings become things! It is said

"If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand."

All of those thoughts, emotions, and things that are jumbled up in our brains are putting out the energies that will dictate what you bring into your life. We manifest and attract every day. So, why not create your life on purpose? How is your energy flowing? What are you attracting?

Other words I like to use for manifesting are: Magnetize or Create. First things first, you must have clarity. Keep this in mind when you are “thinking” about things or when your mind is wandering. Remember: If you put wishy-washy out, you will get wishy-washy back.

Step One: Self Perception What is your self-perception of yourself? What do you think and feel about yourself? Ultimately, you want to have a positive image of yourself as this will allow you to operate on a high vibrational level. This ushers in positive abundance in all forms (relationships, money, joy, health). If you do not have a healthy self-perception, then you are automatically radiating out a lower energy frequency. Hmm, so what are you getting back? You guessed it. The same low energy.Your self-perception is the base of manifesting.

Step Two: Desire What do you really desire? What do you really desire to attract in your life? If you can’t answer this question, ask yourself what you do not want with crystal clear clarity. By pinpointing what you do not want (which comes easily to most people), you will be able to narrow down what you do desire (the opposite).Quick Tip: Refrain from using the word want and use the word desire. Do not shortchange yourself here, make it something you can get super excited about without judgment from yourself. Once you master this you can go big, really big! This must be something that excites you, not someone else.When you focus on what you desire, think and feel it as if you already have whatever it is or you are already where you desire to go.

Step Three: Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Blocks Be grateful... forgive and release your limiting beliefs and blocks for the lessons they have taught you. Sometimes we are given limiting beliefs from others that we take on in our subconscious mind and believe they are ours, that they are our reality.

Example: Thank you for teaching me lessons however I have moved on and do not need them lingering anymore, I have let them go.

What you focus on you will get. If you are connecting feelings to something you do not desire, guess what!? That is what you will get more of.

Quick Tip: Visualize letting these blocks and beliefs go during your daily meditation until they are no longer in your subconscious mind. Limiting beliefs are only made up stories you’re telling yourself.

Things to keep in mind to Manifest on Purpose

Now, are you getting on the high vibrational frequency? This is