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It's My 49th Year!!

WOW! Just WOW!

Today I celebrate my life as I do every day but today is a little bit different because it's a celebration of my 49th year in this amazing life.

I can not even begin to tell you in this post how grateful I am for this life, for my most amazing parents that had me when they were 15 and 17 (I turned out really great! Thank you!), my children, my husband, my sister, my grandkids and all of the friends that are like family to me and the friends I still have to meet.

I am thankfull for you being in my life in whatever way that is!

I am grateful for all of the people and circumstances that were in my life for a short time and taught me lessons and the ones that are still here as a part of my journey.

One thing I know for sure….

Don’t sweat the small stuff and celebrate each small victory…

For one day those little things are the BIG things.

As I look back it wasn't all "pretty", there were A LOT of lessons, things I would not want to do over but those things made me who I am today and in between those lessons were some amazing life-changing things.

A Few Things That Becoming Older and Wiser has taught me to

  • Stop Procrastinating, there is no better time than the present

  • Spend time with the people that I love as much as I can

  • Follow my intuition, it is ALWAYS the RIGHT path for me

  • Only tell my BIG dreams to those that are going to be as excited as I am about them

  • Set a goal and keep going, if the path changes that’ ok, but DO NOT STOP

  • Know that only I need to accept me and those that don’t are not my people

  • Take care of my health first, without that I can not enjoy this life.

  • Give 110% to everything I do and do what I am passionate about.

I feel blessed to have a successful Global Nonprofit, Hopefull Handbags, raising hope to those getting back on their feet due to Domestic Violence and allowing them to see that their past does not dictate their future. Collaborations with organizations and businesses and meeting so many amazing ladies have been such a blessing.

When I open up my eyes every morning I feel so much gratitude for this life.

Thank you to all that are a part of my life.

The past has helped me shape where I am today,

and living in this moment will shape my future.

Another year better...Another year wiser...

I manifested it… On Purpose

xoxo, Cathlene

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Manifesting Your Life On Purpose ZOOM... Doing what I love and giving it 110%

Past Domestic Violence Bringing Hope for Today through Hopefull Handbags, Non-Profit Global


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