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Finding a Life That Fits

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

By: Cathlene Miner

Are things going well in your life for the most part, but, you have this feeling that there is more out there? Remember, being grateful for where you are right now will affect what happens in the future. I know, it's sometimes hard to think of anything that's good. Consider coming up with a GO To Vision as taught in the 30 Day Self Perception Makeover.

And yes, Sometimes things are okay. Sometimes things could be better. Sometimes we KNOW there is more out there for us. Sometimes we are ready for change. Sometimes our intuition is telling us to go in a different direction. Sometimes we just aren't having a "good" day.

Feeling this way isn't wrong and it doesn't make us an unhappy person. It simply means that it's time to center our thoughts and start focusing on what inspired action we need to take towards a new chapter in our lives. And more times than not our shift in focus is what will start that journey. The universe sometimes allows us to get uncomfortable to show us we need a new direction. It's much like growing out of a pair of old shoes. How would you know you needed to buy a new pair if not for the discomfort?

Once we find shoes that fit, we walk better, run faster, and are more mobile. Once we find a thought snd goal that feels good, we are excited to wake up in the morning, we start to feel joy again, and our horizons broaden.

Follow the same suit in your own life. When things become uncomfortable, search for the feeling that fits.

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