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Manifesting with Fitness 

You must be the healthiest version of you to find the perfectly imperfect balance that is unique to you. Fitness and health is key to having a balanced life. Without our health, the rest of our life can seem like its "not working". Connecting to your intuition is directly related to successful results in all aspects of your life. This includes your fitness and health. I start with self-perception and retraining your subconscious mind. This allows you to focus inward first which brings the greatest results long term.
From there, when you have the intuitive body connection, you are able to not only take your health and fitness to the next level but every aspect of your life. You can manifest with fitness. You will begin to see amazing shifts in your life and in your body like you never had before.

You can leverage the power of your fitness routine to manifest the life you desire! My signature Manifest with Fitness Method (over 27 years in the making) will take your fitness routine to a whole new level regardless of your current level of fitness, guaranteed. To book a speaking engagement click above.

Weekly Workouts coming soon!!

Why did I team up with HYPO FOOTWEAR?

I have always had a love for fitness and everything that goes along with it. This brand really stuck out to me for multiple reasons.

First they have a "Go Getter" attituded which I am all about. "If you want something, Go Get It!" - Hypo Footwear.  Always believe in yourself! Just as great, this company believes in giving back.


 Hypo gives back a percentage of their profits to help causes in need, When you focus and support positivity and greatness, that is what you will get in return.

Click Here to Purchase Hypo Gear and use code CM for 25% OFF!!!

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