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3 1:1 Virtual Strategy Session with me to get your unique plan started.

Includes 3 Virtual via Zoom Sessions 50 minutes each 1:1 with Cathlene.

My signature Manifest with Fitness Method will take your fitness routine to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL"

You will learn how to use exercise/fitness

- so you can connect to your inner guidance

 -so that you can override your brain and get things done

-so you can follow your intuitive self and not your ego self.

- so you can create balance in your life so you can ditch overwhelm

- so you can create and grow your business with inspired motivation

- so you can gain a healthier Self Perception

-so you can enjoy wherever you are right now as you continue on your journey

- so you can bring limiting beliefs to the surface so you can once and for all rid yourself of the self-sabotaging habits that are holding you back.

- MANIFEST THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS and retrain your mind so you can bring your dreams and desires into your reality.

This will use your health and fitness routine to connect to your intuitive self, leverage your endorphins, use your high energy vibe while exercising to purposely get healthy, feel great about you,rself and manifest your desire.   

ALL WHILE having a healthy lifestyle, being comfortable with your body, making the right food choices, getting your hormones balanced, and choosing the right exercises for you, your age, and your body. (not over or underdoing it.) Keeping your blood flowing. Reducing inflammation, having energy, drive, and inspiration.


It's your time now.

Manifest with Fitness

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