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Ladies are joining in to change their up, share and gain a healthy Self Perception. Why?

Because Together We Are Stronger

  • Do you hold yourself back from opportunities? 

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?

  • Or do you have a not so great body image? 

  • Do you feel that you are “not good” enough? Do you feel like you are settling in certain areas of your life?  

  • Do struggles with weight loss hold you back? 

  • Do you lack the time to get your business up and growing? 

  • Do you procrastinate because it’s not the “right” time? 

  • Do you stay in toxic relationships?


Guess what? We all feel this way at some point in our lives. Sometimes for a Really… Long… Time!


With each day, you will begin to notice HUGE shifts in your life.  Attracting amazing people and opportunities into your life.

And a base of Healthy Self Perception that will be a tool to guide you for your entire life.


LIVE with Me,  #1 Best Selling Author, Cathlene Miner. 

I have put together 28 plus years of guiding others to successfully create the life that they desire from feeling defeated to flourishing… Everything from relationships to careers to homes etc… And it starts with your Self Perception. 

Into a doable Effective Self Perception Makeover!  

Cathlene has over 28 years of experience in coaching women from the inside out.

Cathlene uses her intuitive gifts and powerful self-discovery methods to uncover the root causes of abundance blocks, self-perception issues, and life path confusion.

In addition to this life-changing work, she also implements her years of physical training expertise to focus on the balance of the body and getting in shape from the inside out. 


By utilizing proven customized approaches and tailoring them to her clients' needs, she gets rid of blocks and corrects mindsets to foster a lifestyle of success, wellness, and unlimited abundance.


Cathlene teaches all of her clients how to manifest the life they desire and how to tap into their own power and intuitive gifts to attain abundance in every area of their life.  



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