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Sometimes life is tough.  Even if on the outside everything looks great, struggle in one way or another can happen inside. This does happen one way or another with everyone at some point. Maybe you have had opportunities and a life that is different than most and you would like to share that. That can surely be inspiring too.

Some people are not comfortable telling their stories and or struggles for fear of judgement, failure, embarrassment, loss of control over how they see their struggle or circumstance and other reasons.  And that is ok.  Not everyone is ready.

But if you are ready to share what is really is going on inside and how you are coping and what you did, you can change everything for someone else. When you write and talk about your story, it helps to bring clarity to you and the reader.

Writing and sharing your real-life struggles and circumstances will inspire and help someone else who is not ready to talk about what is going on inside of them and in their lives.  They will realize that they are not alone and you will have changed a life just by being authentically you.

Keep in mind: If you are ready to inspire and help others by telling your story and you do not want to use your real name, you can remain anonymous in the book.

What is involved.

  • Interview with Cathlene

  • Parent's Consent

  • Check-in with Cathlene in February

  • Approximentally 3,000 words due by March 1, 2020

Please feel free to email and Cathlene will get your email directly.

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