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1:1 6 Week Self Perception Mentoring

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Cathlene Miner, 30 years experience in  

Manifesting | Self Perception | 1:1 Fitness, Expert  & Mentor

Wife, Mom, and Grandmother

You will begin to have a  Whole New Self Perception of YOU and begin to 


and Create and Manifest

 the life YOU have always desired!

And very importantly knowing how to shift when it's not going the  way you desire.

1:1 Mentoring with me for 3 Months $2400.

  • accept yourself and be free from the burden of needing anyone else to accept you.

  •  have better health and respect your body.

  •  have better relationships (we accept the love we think we deserve).

  •  boost your confidence! (flaunt with you’ve got).

  •  love yourself regardless of flaws.

  •  have your own distinct style and confidence.

  •  know how you FEEL about yourself and that that is all that matters.

This Mentorship is going to help you tune in to how you what energy frequency you are vibrating at so that you can begin to navigate how your day (and life) plays out."

Why should I be teaching YOU how to love YOURSELF and why the SELF PERCEPTION of YOU is KEY in manifesting the LIFE YOU DESIRE??

I was on a journey for years to love myself again. In the past having an eating disorder, body image issues, divorced, single mother, working three jobs, I was down on myself. I felt on one hand, “how am I going to get out of this ‘funk’”. Then on the other hand I KNEW that this universe was limitless (because it is). I KNEW (my claircognizance kicking in) I had so much to look forward to,  I KNEW that this universe had so many exciting opportunities ahead and things planned. BUT…..





How do I get where I know I can be??!!

How do I connect with me again??!!


I realized that I must take time for ME. (Yeah, how is this going to happen!? At the time I was a single mother with 2 children??)


Ok, so I don't mean taking more bubble baths and going out or going shopping etc... 


I mean really connecting to the inner soul of ME. 




I believe in REAL SIMPLE, REAL EFFECTIVE, REAL RESULTS because this is a REAL LIFE approach to everything I do.


Putting this into practice has allowed my entire world to shift.  My past 25 years have been full of Abundance,  Joy, Wealth, Happiness, and Freedom. And of course the occasional challenge... This is real life. The difference is I recognize it and I know what I need to do to turn it around.

And YOU will soon too.

What do the 3 Months include??

  • 12- 1:1 50 minute Private Video Calls

  • 1 - 60 minute Goal setting session and planning

  • Action Steps for you to put into play right now in your life every week

  • Unlimited support Monday - Friday Correspondence in between meetings

  • Accountability check-ins

  • Access to any courses that Manifesting Magic Creates for 1 year

  • 1 Hour Money Mindset intensive

Other Options

  • 75 minute 1:1 Transformational Private Video Call

  • Strategy Plan​

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