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Cathlene has over 28 years of experience in coaching women from the inside out.

Cathlene uses her intuitive gifts and powerful self-discovery methods to uncover the root causes of abundance blocks, self-perception issues, and life path confusion.

In addition to this life-changing work, she also implements her years of physical training expertise to focus on the balance of the body. 


By utilizing proven customized approaches and tailoring them to her clients' needs, she gets rid of blocks and corrects mindsets to foster a lifestyle of success, wellness, and unlimited abundance.


Cathlene teaches all of her clients how to manifest the life they desire and how to tap into their own power and intuitive gifts to attain abundance in every area of their life.  


Personal sessions and one on one programs with Cathlene are limited in availability and are by application only.

Your initial call is at no charge, click the link below to submit. 


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An Inspired Action Approach

Ground Breaking One on One Coaching

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You were designed to be creative and are hardwired to drive to succeed. Many of us find we constantly have a million ideas running through our minds but feel we lack the direction or tools to manifest them into reality.  It can be frustrating, but it's an excellent place to start. In fact, every successful person has started here.


Which goal should you drive for first? Are any of them really possible? How can you fit all of it into your busy day?  How can you maintain or get your outer body in shape through all of this? Maybe you just feel really lost right now and do not even know where to begin.

You desire to be successful and sometimes that feels like an uphill battle. It can seem impossible to make time for everything and feel successful at it.  That's why I am here.

I have a very unique approach. By focusing on the core of everything in your life to begin with.  Your Self Perception. I specialize and mentor in A Healthy Self Perception, which flows nicely into Manifesting your life on Purpose These sessions will have a huge impact on your personal and business life.  The feeling will be a sigh of relief, a weight off your shoulders, and an in-control feeling all at the same time. 

Best yet, this one on one program sets you up to get a lifetime of success. It is not just a quick fix.

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