Volunteer | Cathlene Miner


We appreciate each and everyone one of our volunteers from our businesses that donate to fill empty donated purses to our volunteers that pick up and fill the purses to our amazing women in the community that donate their once loved purses.

Please go here with any questions.


We are accepting volunteers for the following placements to:

  • Be ambassadors for your local community.

  • Donate once loved Handbags to your local drop off spot.

  • Donate necessities to fill the handbags.

  • Organize donation drives for once loved handbags and necessities to fill the bags.

  • Donate monetary donations to purchase necessities for the handbags.

  • Write heartfelt quotes in cards to go to the women that are receiving the handbags.

  • Clean, sort and fill handbags.

  • Hairstylist to donate a couple of appointments a month for women in abuse shelters.

  • Hairstylist to donate 1 day month at your local homeless shelter to cut hair for 2 hours.