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Questions I am

asked often.

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Questions I am most frequently asked:

How do I feel about diets?

The thing I DO KNOW ABOUT DIETS, is that they DO NOT WORK. Yes, you may lose some weight at first and keep it off as long as you stay on the DIET.  But Die(t) -ing isn’t the way to better health, a better body, a thriving business and creating the LIFE YOU DESIRE.


LIFESTYLE CHANGE is the ONLY way for LONG TERM results.

Can I really have balance at home, get into shape AND have a thriving business?

Yes, having all FOUR PILLARS in balance is the ONLY way to to have it "ALL".

Can a negative MONEY mindset really be blocking me from success and bringing in money?

YES!  Money is an energy.  If you have a negative mindset and live in the LACK MODE and have the "I don't have's" or the "I'll be happy when I get". You ARE BLOCKING money from coming your way.

Once you change your money mindset YOU WILL see money begin to flow in.

Do I have to workout EVERYDAY to be in the best shape?

NO! And I do not advise working out everyday.  By making some tweaks in other areas of your life you will see your body change for the better.

Should I wait to get my life "in order" before launching or Up Leveling my business?

NO! By waiting and procrastinating you are not taking inspired action.  When you do not take inspired action you are not in alignment with your intuitive self and therefore radiating out at a lower frequency vibration.  In turn blocking your version of success in the FOUR key areas of your life. 

ALL I want is HAPPINESS, HEALTH and MONEY!?  How do I do it!?

First and foremost you have to shift your thought pattern habit to the I CAN and I WILL mentality. Begin to take small steps of inspired action.  It all adds up and you're there! And that's where I come in.

By retraining our subconscious mind anything is possible!

Does Self Perception REALLY effect how I attract money, relationships, success and intimacy?

Yes!  The base of how we radiate out our energies begins with our Self Perception of who WE FEEL we are.  By tweaking and changing this you will see shifts in your world very quickly!

Can I manifest for someone else?

No.  You can learn how to radiate manifesting energies to them but each person is uniquely manifesting (creating) for themselves.

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